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Design Fiction Workshop

What If Insurance Could Be...?

Co-creating a near-future vision for a 200 year old insurance company.

In collaboration with Stordes, for Achmea

With several innovators from the company, we imagined the future of insurance, creating together fictional characters, scenarios, inventions and products. From the workshop, we put together an insights report of questions for the future, and finalized it with fictional stories about the future of insurance illustrated in video vignettes.

Design Fiction Workshop, Creative Consultation, Narrative Prototypes, Content Creation


What if you could insure sun on your vacation?

A question particular to the Dutch lifestyle, participants in the workshop elaborated on a product that challenged our priorities for travel.

Can you have back-to-school insurance in preparation for an automated world?

One of the recurring topics of the workshop was the effects of the thrid industrial revolution. How will businesses and professionals face the global shift in jobs, as automation becomes more sophisticated and prevelant? How can insurance be a positive part of this transition?

What if you could estimate costs real-time based on your healthy habits?

In a time when our bodies and habits are so quantified, can we use this information for our financial benefit? The participants in the workshop contemplated how customers can take back their own personal predictive data and put it to good use for themselves.